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John Rist

Listing Agent/Team Systems Specialist

Over the last 30 years, I have home-schooled 8 wonderful children to adulthood in the Corvallis area, most of whom graduated from Oregon State University or University of Oregon. (I admit that am a fair-weather fan of either – whoever is winning at the time!). During that same period, I worked for Summit Information Systems (later, FISERV) and was part of teams developing world-class financial...
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Marcel Erickson

Outbound Sales Agent

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Nick Coreson

Listing Specialist

Nick Coreson was born in Soldotna, Alaska, where his family owned and operated a commercial salmon fishing operation. This is where he learned his work ethic. The hours were long and brutal, but it would prepare him for the business endeavors that he would take later in life. He lived between Alaska and Oregon until he turned19, after which he graduated from Western Oregon University with a BS...
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